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What is Black Belt Salsa?



Dance Training SYSTEM using a simple, progressive process.

The Black Belt Salsa (BBS) system teaches students Salsa in a way that allows them to successfully dance with other dancers worldwide through a simple and effective ​progressive ​curriculum.

This model focuses on teaching both ​O​n1 and ​O​n2 styles of Salsa, with a bit of related Latin Dances​. 


Itsimplifies the learning process for both leaders and followers, giving dancers enough material so that they NEVER get bored on the dance floor.


A Proven, Systematized Way of Learning to Partner Dance, VERY fast!!







Patterns and Combinations simply and naturally “happen”!

Black Belt Salsa provides a new paradigm shift in Teaching, Learning and Remembering moves.



BBS is based on SYSTEM-based learning, rather than pattern-based learning.

All Black Belt Dance curriculums are World Class system-based step-by-step processes created and assembled by one of the most sought-after dance  instructors in the world.  Three-time Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Edie The Salsa FREAK!!

Edie simplified learning how to dance Salsa using a unique SYSTEM that helps both leads and follows learn world class techniques in a very short period of time, instead of the traditional “move-of-the-week” pattern-based training.

BBS is a SYSTEM that builds in complexity from one week to the next.  Within a few short months, BBS students are creating complex yet comfortable turn patterns with quality lead/follow techniques that would have normally taken YEARS to master.

BBS builds confidence by using the proven Martial Arts system of advancement by being placed at different colored “Belt Levels” starting with White Belt, then moving upward through Black Belt.  This method prevents students from being placed in a higher or lower level than where they are currently at.  As in Martial Arts, students must test up to earn their spot at higher levels.

All Belt levels are taught by up to seven different instructors in the same room at the same time.  This way students can have a live, visual reference point on where they are going, and where they have been by watching other groups in the room.  At the end of the night, there is a community dance and social dance where everyone can practice what they’ve learned in a non-threatening environment.

The BBS system is taught both On1 and On2, with a little Cumbia added in the mix so that students will be able to dance with 90% of dancers throughout the world.

It is said that the online BBS curriculum is “…an inch deep, and a mile wide”.  Literally thousands of combinations, moves and turn patterns can be created using the BBS system.  It is estimated that if used correctly, a leader could dance over ten Salsa songs before he repeated a single move.  Leaders will “run out of song” before they run out of moves!

JOIN US!!  Learn the system with us! Contact our Founder and CEO:  Edie, The Salsa FREAK!! 

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Salsa Curriculum Online - Instructor Training and Certification

Testimonial from our school in Oklahoma...

“Quick story.   I was at a social in OKC, OK a few weeks ago.   I asked [girl] to dance.  I had never seen her before.  She was an amazing follow with styling and musicality.   Very technical and was able to shine through mistakes.    (A sign if a good dancer).   She performed in Los Angeles.

She saw me dancing as follow with a guy and approached me afterwards to learn to lead.   She wants to teach and realized she was going to have to create a curriculum and learn to lead as well.

I then told her about the Black Belt Dance system.  She loves it.

I showed her the boards.  Let her see some of the videos.  She went to the very beginning On2 and she had a blast.   She even asked me for more tension as a follow.   Working with her is a breath of fresh air.
Since my training sessions with you last year, more and more people, to include dance community leaders, have sought me out to assist or for information about Black Belt Salsa.
– Sensei Raymond Ryan
BBS Pro Instructor